Deluxe Baghdad With 3 Star Hotel


- 6 Nights in Baghdad -3Star Hotel(Hotel Al Rausha/Similar).
- Bombay –Baghdad-Bombay air tickets.
- Airport to Airport Luxury Air-conditioned Bus Service.
- Refreshment on arrival.
- Daily Ziyarat.
- 1 Day Trip to Karbala and 1 Day trip to Najaf Ashraf.
- Accommodation in Well appointed rooms.
- Daily Breakfast ,Lunch and Dinner.

Important Notes

- Flight schedule and Itinerary are subject to change without prior notice.
- Travel Kit & Passports have to be picked from our Office in Mumbai.
- If you want us to courier them you will have to pay courier charges extra.
- Subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction only.
- Tour cost does not include any personal Expenses during Travel.
- Tour Dates & Prices are subject to change as per Flight and Hotel availability without prior notice.
- Food will be served on fixed Timings, Any person coming after the specified time will have to arrange his own food.
- In Deluxe Packages Food will be served in Buffet Style.
- Maximum baggage allowed per person is 20 kgs.
- Everyone carries his own baggage hence please travel light. Excess baggage fees to be paid by our VIP Guest.
- Rates are subject to Change without Prior Notice.
- All Tours are Subject to policies made by Ministry of External affairs.
- Room sharing in Hotel as per Room availability and family wise.
- Service tax 3.09% is applicable and not included in package cost.
- To confirm you’re booking Email us your passports scan copies and deposit 15,000 Rs. Per person in our bank.
- Account mentioned online. The same can be submitted in our Office in Mumbai.

The Tour costs have been fixed on Mumbai Airfare of Rs. 35,000/- , US Dollar $ = @ 50/-.Hotel name will be informed before 15 Days group. Any increase in the above rates at the time of delivery of passport or before departures of the tour shall be collected from the passengers as per the prevailing exchange rate of that day.



1. Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani
2. Shaikh abdul jabbar jilani
3. Shaikh saleh jilani
4. Shaikh maroof karkhi
5. Well of shaikh maroof karkhi
6. Bibi zubaida zauja haroon rasheed
7. Shaikh Mansur hallaj
8. Shaikh sirri saqati
9. Shaikh junaid bhaghdadi
10. Nabi allah – yusua bin noon
11. Huzoor behlool dana
12. Shaikh Ibrahim khawwas
13. Sayyid Abdullah abi zainab
14. Sayyid abi ahamd
15. 34. Dajla river (Tigris river)
16. Imam e aazam abu hanifa
17. Shaikh bishr hafi
18. Shaikh abubakar shibli
19. Khwaja abul hasan noori
20. Imam Muhammad ghazali
21. Sayyid abu khumra rifai al hindi
22. Imam musa kazim
23. Imam Muhammad al jawwad
24. SK. Shahabuddin umar suharwardi


1. Hazrat salman farsi
2. Hazrat hazaifa bin yaman
3. Hazrat Abdullah bin jabir
4. Hazrat tahir bin imam Bakir


1. Nabi allah Ayyub
2. Well of nabi ayyub


1. Qasre namrood
2. Minjneeque of namrood
3. Place of birth hazrate Ibrahim
4. Zulkifl
5. Bibi rahma
6. Well of bibi rahma


1. Hazrate Muhammad
2. Ibrahim bin musli bin aqeel


1. Imam hussain
2. Hazrate ali akbar
3. Hazrate ali asgar
4. Hazrate habib bin muzahir
5. Ganje shohda e karbala
6. Qatl gahe imam hussain
7. Nahar al farat (nahre farat)


1. Hazrat imam ali
2. Babussalam Qabristan or Wadiussalam (world largest qabristan. 14 sqkm)
3. Nabi allah hood
4. Nabi allah swaleh


1. Jama masjid kufa.
2. Qasar ibne ziyad (governer house).
3. Musleem been aqeel.
4. Hani bin urwa.
5. Well of tufane nooh.
6. Bibi Khadija binte ali.
7. House of imam ali.
8. Well of imam ali.
9. Qatl gahe imam ali.
10. Musallah hazrat imam ali.
11. Hajre shamsi.


1. Zubair bin al awam.
2. Talha bin ubaidullah.
3. Hasan basri.
4. Shaikh ahmed kabir rafai.